Friday, May 15, 2015

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar, Glen Waverley MELB

I am not a huge fan of chocolates but when I do get the chocolate cravings, it's difficult to get rid of it. Consequently, I needed a quick overdose of chocolate to fix the problem.

Max Brenner has been around in Melbourne for a long time. Not surprising that it's an excellent place to hang out with friends until the wee hours of the night or for a quick chocolate-y dose.

The bunch of us were a bit "itchy" after dinner so I suggested a walk up the road to Max Brenner. The place was packed full of people on a Saturday night but we were fortunate enough to secure a seat and place our order before the kitchen closes.

Dessert pizza ~ pizza topped with marshmallows, cornflakes and slathered with a thick, rich layer of chocolate spread. This is not for the weak hearted as it is very sweet. I would suggest a slice per person.

Waffle with vanilla ice cream, strawberries and chocolate drizzles ~ can't say no to waffles served with a couple of my favourite ingredients. On the flip side, this was not overly loaded with sugar and would be a nice finish to a meal.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Quanjude Peking Duck, CBD MELB

If you ask me to decide on a favourite poultry, it will have to be duck. To be honest, I rarely consume duck back in Malaysia, probably only on special days where us kids have been good enough to deserve a bite haha. Having said that, I had a very memorable duck experience in Beijing 13 years ago and until today, I am hunting down for a place that serves something similar.

Which brings us to today's post, a little experimentation with peking duck at Quanjude. From memory, this was a guarded recipe from the imperial palace's kitchen and it was a dish that is famous in Beijing.

Traditionally, the duck's skin has to be shattering crispy. This is the most important criteria. When a piece of the duck's skin is wrapped with a few slices of spring onions and cucumber, topped with a teaspoon of hoisin sauce, perfection is achieved.

Now back to this place, the entire restaurant is decorated with miniature pieces of duck ornaments, just to remind you that they specialize in peking duck;)

We ordered a whole duck to ourselves and had to order an extra plate of steamed wrapper skins. The cost of the duck is at least $20 more than other places but for the experience, we gave it a try.

Sliced spring onions and cucumber pieces.

I was a little shocked when the plate of duck skin appeared on our table. From my understanding, we ordered a whole duck and so, we should be getting a lot more skin? Was very confused because we were advised to eat it by itself or alternatively, dip it into sugar.

A few minutes later, we were served with a plate of duck meat. The duck meat was succulent but I still couldn't understand why we had a tiny plate of duck skin because the heart of peking duck cuisine is the skin. Overall, it was a confusing meal and it made me doubt my knowledge in this area:/

On the other hand, their fried rice was very fragrant indeed. Simplicity at it's best!

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Om Nom Dessert Bar, CBD MELB

Very rarely do I turn down dessert sessions and when I do, it's probably because I have been mischievous before dinner. I must have walked past this place countless of times in an attempt to secure a table.

Moral value of the story? Do not rock up without a booking. Good thing bookings were made and I can finally dine at this exclusive dessert bar. The surrounding is a bit too loud for my liking as it made conversations either really difficult or too loud for comfort.

Me being me could not decide what to have and chose the degustation option whereby I can choose at least three different desserts for a bundle price of $48.

Adelphi rose cocktail ~ could not decline a drink that night as it was celebratory in purpose.

Bombe Alaska ~ it was a show stopper upon arrival at our table. Unfortunately, the waitress who flambe-ed our dessert poured too much of the flammable liquid on our dessert, resulting in a burnt aftertaste on the meringue. Passionfruit, raspberry and grapefruit seems like a sour cocktail in the making but everything was well-balanced.

MagNOM ~ I can't say no to peanut butter inspired desserts and this was no exception. I liked the peanut dacquoise and peanut ice cream (plenty of nuttiness!).

Mango Alphonso ~ I liked the Asian flavours in this textural dish. Choux pastry was like the tie-breaker in this colourful dish where it brought all the individual elements together on a spoon.

Raspberry field ~ probably my favourite dessert for the night. Raspberry and lychee sorbet was a winner and those little baubles of rosewater and white chocolate were a pretty addition to the dish. Only downside was that I found it difficult to eat the meringue as it was quite solid.

Roast potatoes with duck fat ~ in case you're wondering, yes it was good and they do serve savoury food. Worth a try!:)

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Rose of Thailand, Glen Waverley, MELB

Cold winter nights calls for comfort food in the form of spices with a tinge of heat. In other words, my subconscious is desperately begging for Thai and I was more than happy to oblige with a trip around the block.

This place is usually packed on the weekends so be sure to reserve a table beforehand. On the other hand, not as packed on the weekdays and in terms of service, a lot more better when it's not as packed. Staff were extremely busy hustling around the restaurant when I appeared on Saturday but when I rocked up on Tuesday night, they were a lot more relaxed and even had the time to run through the menu with me.

For starters, we were given a basket of crackers, complimentary on the house.

Tom yum soup with seafood ~ I am familiar with the fire-y red tom yum soup and so, was initially confused when this arrived on my table. However, contrary to the spicy red one I usually have, this one had a much more subtle tone to it and was replaced by a stronger punch of sourness. Not unbearable but rather, prepares my palate for the next few dishes.

Yum seafood salad ~ Covered with an assortment of seafood and generous amounts of herbs, onions and garlic, this may not be a date qualified dish. Although it does test your date's tolerance haha. It was a refreshing dish that is well-dressed with a mildly spicy chilli dressing.

Thai milk tea ~ in case you are wondering, no, it is not highly caffeinated so do feel free to order one!

Pad kee mao ~ I am obsessed with the Thai version of drunken noodles and found this dish satisfying. The noodles had a nice charred flavour to it and each stand was neither too dry or soggy.

Kao Pud aka fried rice ~

Green curry ~ if you are not a fan of red chillies, perhaps give this green curry a try. It has a creamy texture which goes well with the plate of fried rice that we ordered. Generous amounts of chicken pieces in it too!

On a separate day, I visited this place for desserts. Firstly, I found that prices of alcohol here is a lot more affordable than most places albeit the smaller variety available. Secondly, their desserts are mostly made in house except for the ice cream that is sourced straight from the motherland. I liked their Thai custard cake served with coconut ice cream. Not too sweet and would be a light finish to a meal.

I have also tried their sticky rice with mango ice cream which sadly, does not have fresh mango pieces due to it being unavailable this season. The ice cream is fantastic. I would happily finish off the entire tub myself haha. Had also tried their taro pearls which reminded me of bubur cha cha, a thick coconut cream type of sweet soup. It's not sickeningly sweet if you're wondering but definitely something different if you have not tried it before.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bagelicious, Hawthorn MELB

I've walked in the shoes of a sleep deprived student and am currently in the shoes of a respectable health professional. Different occupations but one thing both of them have in common is the need for nutritious and affordable food. Being healthy is one of the top trends these few years and yours truly has joined the bandwagon to the fit and healthy road.

Owner Yonathan was kind enough to invite me and a friend to join him at his new outlet in Hawthorn and being situated near Swinburne University and the train station, I reckon this makes it an ideal brekkie/lunch spot for both students and workers.

First up, just about everything on the menu sounds very healthy. Each smoothie listed had a good blend of fruit involved and if fruit is too sweet for your liking, why not try one of their freshly squeezed juices?

We had a mini sample of iced coffee and it felt like one of the best iced coffees I have tried thus far. Not overly blended with ice and had a good hint of caffeine in it without being overly thick. Highly recommended!

We tried a bowl of red lentil soup which was loaded with a good amount of vegetables. When a bit of house-made bagel crouton was added to the soup, it gave the soup a different dimension in terms of texture and flavour. We loved the croutons so much that we brought one bag home to snack on!

I have drunk a fair share of chai lattes in the past and most of the time, it's watered down and overly creamy. However, the chai latte that I got from Bagelicious was perfect and would be something that I won't mind having on a daily basis if only I was working nearby.

My friend had the acai smoothie which was acai berries blended with banana and mixed with apple juice. The friend drank most of it and only allowed me a few sips (something he does when he likes what he's having and is reluctant to share).

Press toast bagel with smoked chicken, pesto, roast capsicum, red onion and cheddar ~ a good flavour combination that is complemented by the freshness of the ingredients used. As you can see, the toasted bagel was given a lot of care in terms of how it's been handled and so, the filling did not cause a mess during consumption. The dipping mayo and pickles were an added treat. Feel free to utilize the mayo based on your preference but for me, I deliberately dunked a big chunk of the bagel into the mayo because I thought it was a marriage made in heaven.

Spinach, mushroom and swiss cheese egg bagel sandwich ~ after slaving away in the gym, I want to maintain a healthy diet so that my gym efforts will not be in vain. And so, an egg bagel sandwich sounds like a protein packed meal that will nourish my body well. If you're really into the whole fitness idea, Bagelicious can prep up a lean egg sandwich for you just for an extra $2. This sandwich filled me up pretty quickly.

On a separate note, I love the bagels used at Bagelicious. They have a pillow-y soft bread texture whilst still retaining a crunchier bagel exterior. One can opt to choose the type of bagel they want be it wholemeal, cheese, plain or poppy seeded.

To finish off our palates, we were offered a warm bagel and a good serving of blueberry cream cheese spread. We generously layer the spread onto the bagel and boy, was it a sinful yet satisfying treat. The cream cheese spread glided onto the warmed up bagel pretty easily and if my friend isn't looking, I would have gladly pinched his piece too!

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience here. Bagelicious has the recipe to success with it's good quality bagel options and thirst-quenching drinks. Noting that it was a busy Sunday afternoon when I appeared, Bagelicious staff have done well to accommodate every customer with attentive service and a friendly smile. And they have also done well in keeping the entire outlet neat and tidy. Tables were quickly cleared for customers and magazines neatly organized for the next person to flip through.

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hakata Gensuke, MELB CBD

On cooler days, I wouldn't mind tucking into a heart warming bowl of soup that enables me to briefly escape any thoughts of the freezing weather. I once asked a Melbournian friend who's been here for more than 5 years on what are his thoughts on ramen served here.

Almost immediately, he recited the name Hakata Gensuke and shortly after, I decided to join the queue at this little restaurant along Russell St. We were given a choice of ramen or the dipping sauce noodles. After informing the waitress at the entrance our choices, she gave us a small order slip to fill in as we wait for our turn.

Signature tonkotsu ~ the ramen noodles are made fresh and the thickness of each strand tallies with the one next to it. Broth was good too!

God Fire ~ I was given a 1-4 scale on how spicy I wanted the soup to be. I've picked 1 and am so thankful I did because it is quite spicy. I have a moderate tolerance towards spicy food, hopefully this is a good indication of how spicy the dish was. After a few mouthfuls, the receptors in my mouth managed to familiarize themselves with the spicy soup. No trouble downing the last bits!

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Monday, April 13, 2015

The Proud Peacock, Mt. Waverley MELB

When one is on a tight budget, sourcing out for the most economical meal is top priority and even better when it's located nearby (save up on petrol/ public transport costs!). I have been diligently exploring new restaurants and cafes in Glen Waverley and so, it was no wonder that I decided to venture a little further to Pinewood shopping centre, located approximately 5 minutes away by car.

Having been to a few Vietnamese restaurants/cafes in the past, I am aware of what to expect in terms of service, food portions and costs so I wasn't completely shocked when I was squashed into a tiny corner of the restaurant. The restaurant is very small and from memory, could only fit about 20 patrons, taking into account that you are going to be rubbing shoulders with the person on the next table.

Soft drinks are available free of charge but it is only a selected few flavours. Food did not take long to arrive at our table so that's a plus point too.

Combination broken rice ~ this was more than enough for me, that's for sure. Pork was cooked well aka still retained a lot of it's juices and gosh, I had a generous serve of the dipping sauce to drizzle around my rice. The waitress offered me a bowl of soup and when it arrived on my table, it was a massive bowl of beef soup that has about a ladle full of thinly sliced beef in it.

You can bet that I was over the moon at this point.

Pho with beef slices ~ Broth had a slightly sweet taste to it and was piping hot when it arrived at our table. Noodles had the right consistency in terms of texture (not too soft but not too hard - it is a tricky balance to achieve!).

At the end of our meal, the waitress gave each of us an ice cream popsicle at no extra charge and apologized for being patient with the serving staffs' service. Honestly, we were not bothered by the service at all, noting that there are not many staff on duty and the rostered staff tried their best to accommodate every customer. 

I rarely encounter this sort of gesture, especially when I have not complained/ expressed any form of dissatisfaction. A rare gem of a restaurant and I wouldn't mind heading back here again for it's good, affordable food and lovely service:) Two thumbs up from me!

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