Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Kotajaya, Bayswater MELB

Whilst at work, I barely have time to scavenge out for food due to time constraints and for a fact that lunch expenses can be quite costly depending on what I plan on having. Hence the lack of exploring nearby establishments despite being conveniently located.

As strange as it sounds, I must have drove to my workplace on a daily basis and the seventh time, well..you guessed it. My curiousity could no longer be contained.

Having read good online reviews on this place, we figured we could give it a shot. Mental note to self, make sure to book in advance to avoid unnecessary waiting. Second mental note: arrive early or be disappointed. Third note? Well...service can be a little "harsh" but don't take it too personally as staff are probably under intense stress.

Hainanese chicken rice ~ yes, this was the much anticipated dish and it lived up to expectations. Moist chicken pieces drenched in sauce and served with fragrant rice. A must have in my books.

Roast duck with noodles ~ succulent meat with a crispy skin layer. Another good one in my books.

Wat dan hor ~ this is a pretty standard dish and on a cold day, it would keep your tummy warmed and happy.

Mee siam ~ not too bad although would have liked a bit more seasoning.

Nasi lemak with curry chicken ~ was a little disappointed with this one as the rice was a bit bland and the sambal was lacking. Every other condiment was fine.

Char kuey teow ~ having tried this dish from various places, this would be something I would order if I am craving for it and I am nearby.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

China Bar, Glen Waverley MELB

I must have walked past so many China Bar franchises whilst in Melbourne that the name appears to be no stranger to me. I can be a fan of certain franchises such as Starbucks, McDonalds or Krispy Kreme but mainly because these brands have characteristics that lures me into their premises (now, how about that free wifi or attractive Hello Kitty toy?).

And so, whilst I am not an avid fan of franchised businesses, I cannot disagree with their purpose in the community. For me, China Bar turned out to be a life saver especially when there's nothing edible in the fridge and most restaurants have shut for the day.

Service is decent, do not expect a lot of attention but you will get what you need. And food arrives pretty quick at the table so your starving tummy doesn't have to wait too long.

Dry noodles ~

Roast meat combination ~ roast chicken, roast pork and barbequed pork are the regulars here. Meat was a little dry but nevertheless, it did satisfy my craving and was sufficient for us at an affordable price. Plenty of meat to go around, especially for the carnivores out there.

Stir-fried vegetables ~ a decent feed.

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Fukuryu Ramen (CBD) and Straits Kitchen (Mt.Waverley), MELB

Sydney holds some of my fondest ramen memories and out of fear of disappointment, I steered clear of any ramen-like shop. Instant noodles do satisfy me most of the time but there are moments where it just doesn't hit the right spot.

And so, a quick web surfing session followed by hopping into the train to CBD and voila, we have ramen. Prices at Fukuryu Ramen are reasonable and service is quick. Place your order at the counter, pay for your meal, take a seat and after about 8 minutes, you will be fed.

Both bowls of ramen were unique in their own way and I like how the noodles were not soggy but rather, al dente. Feel free to add a dash of pepper to spice things up if you must.

Why not finish off your meal with their green tea ice cream that is topped with green tea flavoured whipped cream? Not overly sweet and still had good hints of green tea flavour in it.

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Now back to my list of Malaysian food in Melbourne. As always, plenty to choose from and each of them have their own signature dishes that is difficult to source elsewhere. The interior exudes a posh feel but do not let this alarm you as the prices here are decent.

I was taken aback when I first entered this place: walked into a large sized alcohol bar, marble table, excellent customer service..not your usual Malaysian restaurant, that's for sure.

Combination yee mee ~ generous portion for $11.80.

Wat dan hor ~ was strangely craving this dish and satisfied I was. Prawns were peeled, generous amount of vegetables added and best of all, it goes well with pickled chilli:)

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The journey thus far

Can't recall when was the last time I have dedicated a blog post to my daily living. Have been in Melbourne for more than a few months now and admittedly, have settled in comfortably with the help of close friends. Was not easy initially but then again, challenge accepted!

I have tried macarons from various shops and so, do continue scrolling down to find out my views!

French fantasies ~ little dry for my liking but it does come in a very pretty package:)

Chez dre's macarons were humongous and I had my doubts. Thankfully, they proved me wrong and boy, was it a treat to sink my teeth into them:)

Cacao's macarons have always been on my favourite list. Tried one of their cakes on a lazy weekend afternoon and loved it too!

Fireworks in Melbourne ~ craziest day to walk into the city but we braved the crowd and watched the fireworks cast it's magic in the skies. Here's to a new beginning!

My purple eye look ~ smokey meets natural. Trick is to not overdo the colour.

Eye brows fixed at benefit. What do you think?

Smokey eye look with copious amounts of gel eyeliner. Magic!

OOTN ~ Zara dress, Topshop skirt, Forever New belt, Guess watch

OOTD ~ French Connection cardigan, French connection denim dress, Uniqlo shirt, Forever New belt, Mimco iphone5 case.

Old Kingdom, Surrey Hills MELB

So after scrolling through my 2015 pictures folder, it dawned on me that I have been engrossed in eating Chinese food a lot this year and mostly picking up a duck dish along the way. Strange how this happened as I am usually very conscious of what I eat every week and try my best to change up my weekly routine.

We were recommended this place by a friend and figured, why not? After all, everybody loves a good peking duck (especially moi haha) but be warned that bookings are essential or be prepared to face disappointment.

Peking duck usually appears on a set menu where diners will get the traditional duck pancake as entree, followed by a serve of duck soup and finished off with either a noodle or rice dish. The duck pancake comes with paper thin wrappers, slices of fresh cucumber and spring onions and slices of crispy duck skin (sometimes accompanied by a thick chunk of duck meat). Wrap everything together with a dollop of hoisin sauce and it's heaven on your palate.

I have sampled peking duck from Beijing before and to be honest, have yet to find a place that can rival the ones over there but heck, there are so many places to choose from if you are craving for this dish:)

Deep fried tofu served with broccoli ~ arrived piping hot on our table so be warned not to get too excited! Crunchy outer layer enclosing the silky, soft tofu texture. Simplicity goodness:)

Salt and pepper deep fried soft shell crab ~ I have a weakness for soft shell crabs regardless of which cuisine it is used in. This one had the right amount of seasoning and crunchy to my liking. We wanted to order the salted egg version but sadly, that was sold out. A must try if you love soft shell crabs as much as I do.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ocean King, Glen Waverley MELB

I like the idea of having a sit in meal at a Chinese restaurant and being surrounded by family and friends. Yes, this is the lifestyle that I grew up with, where every little occasion is celebrated with a lavish spread of food. Although I do not have the luxury of being with my family and close friends much these days, I still do look forward to having a good meal at a Chinese restaurant.

Ocean King pretty much sums up what I would experience during the festive seasons. It is packed full of people on most days and without any reservations, be prepared to wait.

Roast duck, pork and barbequed pork ~ This is the dish that is always sold out by 8pm daily and we were lucky enough to get our chopsticks on it that day. The duck meat was extremely succulent and complimented the crisp texture of the duck skin. Roast pork had a nice crackling taste to it and I preferred their version over other places as the fat layer was not as thick. Hence, it did not make me feel extremely unhealthy post-dinner haha:)

Stir fried chinese broccoli ~

Steamed fish with ginger and shallots ~ having fish for any function symbolizes good fortune and thus, a necessity. It is also a healthy option compared to other dishes so why not?:)

p.s, there's nothing to shout about service so do not expect much. You are there just for the food, remember?

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Coco Lounge restaurant, Glen Waverley CBD

Brekkie to start the day and of late, I have been sampling more variations of the humble egg for breakfast. I usually opt for eggs benedict or the classic brekkie and at times, had a sweet option to begin the day. Indulging in breakfast is one thing but to waste all the hours I have slaved at the gym is another thing:/

So anyway, service here is pretty efficient and friendly. We arrived at around 9.30am and boy, was the place 80% packed full of customers.

2 up ~ scrambled eggs on toast.

Hickory dickory hock ~ smoked ham hock, aged cheddar, spiced tomato and dark ale relish.

Eggs begs ~ 2 poached eggs, bacon, avocado salsa, hollandaise on toast ~

Omelette with potatoes, bacon and onions ~ would have liked my omelette to be a bit more fluffy but that's a minor issue. Kept me fueled throughout the day so happy days!:)

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