Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Duthy Street Deli

Did someone say brunch?? If you have read my previous blogposts, you would know that I am a huge fan of brunch meals on late Sunday mornings. It is almost a weekly ritual that I grew fond of upon arriving in Australia.

My first trip here was unforgettable. Packed full with diners, plates floating out from the kitchen and overworked waiting staff. With that many diners in, it was probably a bittersweet moment for the shop owner (overwhelmed with joy that his outlet attracted the likes of everyone but stressed because that means more mouths to feed!). Regardless of my surroundings, the food made everything seemed worthwhile (will explain more!!).

I visited this place again after the morning/ lunch crowd disappeared and found it less of a hassle to place my order at the counter.

Iced chocolate~ I am currently obsessed with iced chocolate drinks. May be because of the hotter weather we are getting here or I'm just finding an excuse to indulge in a bit of sweetness:)

Cappuccino~ I think the barista may accidentally given my sister excess powder on her milk froth. Not that it's a major problem, really.

Big brekkie~ I like how big here means big. The portion is beyond generous and even my forever-hungry brother had difficulty finishing his plate. No complaints whatsoever from him but in fact, a big tick for delicious:)

Eggs benedict~ I like how the bread slices used are big here. Plenty of carbohydrate to scoop up every inch of sauce remaining on the plate.

Scrambled eggs with chorizo and mushrooms~ I opted for something lighter, knowing that I am gulping down a whole glass of iced chocolate. The scrambled eggs were slightly under-seasoned but that may be intentional from the chef's part as it allows patrons to season their dish to their preference. Mushrooms were juicy and plump. Bread was fluffy with a slight crunch on the exterior.

Overall, I would recommend this place to anyone who loves a good and traditional brekkie to start their day. Definitely not for the small-eaters but you can certainly share your plate with your partner/ friend/ family:)

After that, we went to Burnside for a bit of window shopping. Did I mention that Duthy Street Deli isn't too far away from Burnside?;)

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