Sunday, May 4, 2014

Apex bakery and Keils Fine Food and Coffee, Tanunda South Australia

I have been in the Barossa for some time now and sadly enough, I hardly explore places near my vicinity. With a work roster revision, I finally have the advantage to move around. First up would be a place that I have heard so much about but did not have the opportunity to visit. Apex bakery, I am here to get my hands on your baked goodies:)

Apex prides itself for it's oven which had been used to baked bread since 1924. The bakery still uses the same technique in kneading and baking their bread, no shortcuts at all! Lots of love put into every item that the baker places on his hands.

On the flipside, have arrived past the lunch hour and not much is left on the counter except for a few loaves of baked bread, cakes and a small section dedicated to keeping their pies warmed. Never mind, at least there is still something to savour! I was tempted to purchase a loaf of their bread for sampling purposes (price wise, it costs just as much as manufactured bread so why compromise on quality?).

Quiche ~ I love a good quiche and this was no exception. The pastry was a standout as it was not dripping in oil and did not leave that awkward greasy feeling on the lips. On a cold, windy day, I could not think of anything better.

Meat pie with minced meat ~ I like pies that pack a punch of robust flavour. This one had a strong beef taste and I loved every bite of this one. If only it came in a bigger size, I could easily finish off three of these pies. Yums!

After a few bites at Apex, we still needed something substantial to fill us up for lunch and so, being in Tanunda, we headed to Keils Fine Food and Coffee. The staff are always very informative here. If you have to wait or if they can't deliver food at their expected standards, they will let you know. They ran out of roast chicken that day and rather than share the chicken meat between two dishes, they insisted that we choose one or the other.

Chicken caesar salad ~ were we glad that they did not scrimp on the chicken meat. For $15.5, this tastes so much better than some of the ones I find down in Adelaide and the portion size is very generous. Everything on this plate was generously provided and I would happily order this again in the future.

Croissant with ham and cheese ~ pastry was fresh and it tasted good. Not something I couldn't prepare at home but for the convenience, why not?:)

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