Friday, August 1, 2014

Eggless in july, Goodwood Road ADL

Been awhile since I last came to Eggless, mainly because its a bit far and the idea of queue-ing outside in winter sends chills down my spine. But alas, I caved into my sweet cravings for some homemade sweets. Eggless has a good variety of sweets to choose from be it a cake, pudding, jelly or even just a drink; there is always something for everyone.

Iced chocolate drink ~ yummmss

Avocado mousse with chocolate and peanut butter ice cream ~ the mousse was surprisingly good! I am not a fan of mousse but this was not too thick for my liking and had a subtle sweetness to it. Hands down for peanut butter ice cream.

Chocolate brownie with caramelized banana and vanilla ice cream ~ warm decadent chocolate brownie is always a winner for winter in my books.

Turkish delight tiramisu ~ a little dry for my liking but was a nice alternative to tiramisu.

Thai creme brulee with caramelized coconut flakes ~ this was a really good one and was glad it was included in the tasting platter. Creamy and bursting full of aromatic flavours.

Sticky date and chocolate pudding with vanilla ice cream ~ Can't say no to warm desserts, especially when its made ready to order:))

Mont blanc cheesecake ~ chestnut puree taste was a tad faint but still a pretty good cheesecake.

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